long overdue

This really is just a brief blog post to illustrate how horribly overdue I am for posting one. I will be posting thoughts I have had, and (in some cases travels) over these past four months. I encourage all of you no matter how busy you get to always keep writing. It will be one of my great passions moving forward to keep my thoughts, ideas, and inspiration flowing throughout the course of this summer as many exciting opportunities, adventures, and experiences lie ahead.

I am entering the critical junction within my Masters degree program at RIT to begin my Capstone project (essentially my thesis). With my coursework now complete, I look forward to attaching my signature to the ideal relationships of public policy, tourism, and marketing concentrations I have employed in an attempt to comprehensively develop creative and innovative solutions, for urban and community development.

My passions for the arts, the slow food movement, and the dynamic form of truly “localized” expression have never been greater and I look forward to sharing my concepts, theories and ideas moving forward!

As always I welcome your feedback and the opportunity to learn from you as well!

Thank You,

~ Benjamin J. Woelk


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