Plant. Water. Grow.

…and so begins my first blog entry, with many more to come. I am embarking on a mission to understand and learn what the agricultural presence in our region means to the city of Rochester, NY and beyond.

I am a Graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology who is initiating an independent study with Dr. James Myers to learn about the dynamic impact our local farmers markets create,  and how they “plant,” sustain (water), and “grow” into places of community that inspire new culture.

My belief is that our markets are becoming a new type of public square, where the benefits far exceed the amazing produce and locally-made artisan products, and extend to enriching culture, creating community, and encouraging dialogue. These markets are creating “place,” and theses places are bringing vibrancy to our barren city landscapes.

I have a deep desire to learn how these farmers markets are adding value to the lives of those here in Upstate New York, and my hope is to highlight the agricultural assets we have in this city in an effort to better inform the public of these places of food, life, the arts, and culture.

Follow me as I commit to study our exceptional farmers markets and the agricultural community this summer.

I hope you will find this blog both exciting and enlightening. I know that I am genuinely excited to bring all that I learn to you.

Thank You!

~Benjamin Woelk